Hokkaido University   Miho TAMAI

Position : Assistant Professor
Name : Miho TAMAI
Affiliation : Department of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Hokkaido University
Research Field : Applied Molecular Cell Biology & Tissue Engineering


It has been tried to construct organ/tissue culture model having each specific function by mimicking embryonic development and by reconstructing cell environment in the living body in my study. Living body has unique mechanism which homeostatically regulates its vital environment. This is carried out by altogether with interaction of immunity, endocrine, and nervous system. One of my results is the construction of a pancreatic and a nerve tissue models, as an endocrine and a nervous systems respectively. Because it should be necessary to have immune system for the construction of homeostatically regulated living system, I try to construct not only immune system but also bone regeneration culture model which is related with immune system. Also I challenge to find essential elements to construct this living culture model in a view from Cellular and Molecular immunology.
In the long run, by using micro fluid device technology I aim to construct living culture model which can mimic physiological responses. After establishing living culture model, it would be sure to become powerful tools for the disease prevention based on a mechanism, and for drug screening.