Nagoya University   Kazuhide SATO

Position : Designated Assistant Professor
Name : Kazuhide SATO
Affiliation : Institute for advanced research, Nagoya University (Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Respiratory Medicine)
Research Field : Respiratory Medicine, Oncology, Lung cancer


 Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related deaths, and the cure rate of lung cancer is still under 20%, therefore, there is urgent need for new treatments. In case the surgery is not suitable for treatment, radiotherapy or chemotherapy is the mainstream against advanced lung cancers, however, the efficacy is low and the prognosis is bad. As a thoracic oncologist, I would like to improve these situations. Although a variety of strategies have been developed to conquer severe cancers such as lung cancer, no satisfactory way has been achieved. Of course, about lung cancer, newly developed molecular targeted drugs or cancer immunotherapy have improved the prognosis to some extent, the over all survival has not yet been enough, compared to other cancers.
 I aim to develop new innovative cancer therapy with a concept “less toxic, more anti-tumor effect”. Along with different approaches from conventional cancer therapies, I have been studying about photo-activated cancer therapy in order to destroy only cancer cells inside body. I would like to develop new technologies that could cause effects only on the cancers with a multidisciplined approach.