Nagoya University   Yuri I. FUJII

Position : Designated Assistant Professor
Name : Yuri I. FUJII
Affiliation : Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University (Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science)
Research Field : Astrophysics, Planetary Science


Thousands of planets are found outside of our Solar System and they are called exoplanets. Their masses and orbits are various and many systems are found to be very different from the Solar System. In order to reveal the origin of planetary systems, we need to investigate their birthplaces. A disk appears around a star as a by-product of star formation, and planets are thought to form in the disk. Recent observation results show wide variety of disks around young stars, and we need to study their dynamical evolution to understand the variety.
Magnetic field is thought to play an important role in the disk evolution. We need to solve chemical reactions in a disk to determine the ionization degree because it governs the interaction between the disk gas and the magnetic field. I perform magnetohydrodynamical (MHD) simulations with ionization chemistry.
During the formation phase of a gas giant planet, a gaseous disk appears around the planet. Satellites are thought to form in the disk. In order to understand the origin of satellites, I also work on the formation and evolution of circumplanetary disks.